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Why I’m glad to pay money for my parking permit

If you read this blog then you’re probably reasonably active online, and so you’ve probably already seen some discussion about the proposal that Newham should charge for residential parking permits. Apologies for the click-baity title, but I wanted to use … Continue reading

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Kuhn Way update

I’m not going to beat about the bush. The news is frustrating. Kuhn Way has to stay closed for (even) longer because the work on the school has over-run. That’s the summary. Read on for more… For some background, you … Continue reading

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Bloomin’ Forest Gate

The next few weeks sees ‘Bloomin’ Forest Gate’ sweep across the ward to celebrate all that is green and lovely about where we live. Keep an eye out and you will see daffodils, planted by residents last year, growing and … Continue reading

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