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How would you prefer to contact me? Some options are below.

In person
I hold weekly surgeries, jointly with Sasha and Anam my two colleagues. Almost every Saturday, one of us will be at the Gate library, and any resident can come in to talk to us about issues that we may be able to help with.

Our weekly surgery is at 10.30am, every Saturday, at the Gate Library, Woodgrange Road, 4-20 Woodgrange Rd, London E7 0QH

We have also held ‘pop-up’ surgeries on specific issues in places like a high street, a children’s centre. If you’d like me or one of my colleagues to come to your event to hold a surgery, and you can make a quiet room or corner available for people to ask us questions and let us know their concerns or ideas, then please do get in touch.

Watch this space for more info, or contact me if you have ideas for more accessible surgeries you would like to chat through.


You can email me using my work email, above. I try my very best to keep on top of my emails but sometimes messages do slip through the net. If you haven’t heard from me after two weeks, please drop me another message to remind me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Rachel Tripp – 020 3289 7808
The above number is a landline that should divert to my mobile phone. I will do my best to answer any phonecalls, but please be aware that sometimes it is not possible.

You can write to me at the following address:
London Borough of Newham
Newham Dockside
1000 Dockside Road
E16 2QU

Social Media
I’m quite active on twitter, and you can find me on @rectripp

My twitter feed is a mixture of local events, updates about my councillor work, info about my interests, political stories that catch my eye, and funny things that my children have said.

I do also keep an eye on local Facebook groups, and will do my best to answer any questions that come up there.

However, if you need to ask me a question, want to be sure of a response, if you have casework or need help, please email me rather than tagging me on social media – twitter and Facebook notifications can get lost whereas emails I will always endeavour to respond to!

15 Responses to Contact me

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  8. Vicky Clark says:

    Hi Rachel and Seyi – just wondered if you’d been able to find out any more about the car club places in the CPZ, which club is operating them etc. I live on Sidney and haven’t been across since the zone was introduced so it
    might be that the cars are already there. We are trying to decide whether to replace our car having managed without since February, and easy access to car club vehicles would probably tip our decision in the greener direction!

    • racheltripp says:

      Hello Vicky,
      Thanks for the reminder. I have just this morning asked an officer in parking if they can direct me to whoever is doing the negotiation with car clubs regarding the bays that have been designated. I will let you know (I’ll email you) as soon as I hear anything on timing.

      • racheltripp says:

        Hello again Vicky,
        Just sitting in a meeting and heard that we are ‘very close’ to signing a contract with a car club. Will keep you posted.

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