Forest Gate North Resident Parking Zone Consultation Results

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We understand that creating the Forest Gate North (FGN) Residents Parking Zone has caused a lot of questions, and some confusion, and also that some parts of the process haven’t been communicated as clearly or as well as we would have liked.

So we’ve decided to publish two blog posts on parking, the first outlining the processes that we’ve all gone through in order to get to where we are now, and the second (that’s this post) to give full information on the results of the second stage consultation about the hours and days of restrictions.

The main reasons for this are to:

  • increase transparency between the Council and residents
  • hopefully alleviate some concerns residents have about the restrictions
  • publish more information here than can be published on the Newham Councll webpage, the design and structure of which mean we can only put brief information there.

In particular, we know that the question of what hours and days the RPZ should run for is a controversial one. Opinions are strongly held on whether the hours should be as short as possible, or as long as possible, with people in some cases feeling very passionate about their view. That is why we wanted to publish the results of that consultation in full, to show the data behind the decision making process.

During this consultation,  residents and businesses in roads within the proposed area of restrictions were invited to send in their views by filling in a questionnaire. This gave residents and businesses the opportunity to share their views on how parking demand should be managed in their area and to comment on the design of Forest Gate North RPZ.


Forest Gate North Stage 2 Returns-  -Summary table


The consultation on hours and days was undertaken between 6th June and 1st July 2016. A total of 3500 consultation packs were distributed to all addresses within the area.

A total of 677 valid completed questionnaires were returned before the closing deadline, giving an overall response rate of 19%. The results of the consultation by road are shown in the table above.  Of the total valid responses, 57% agreed with the design, 43% were against.

The process of agreeing how the operational days and times for the new FGN zone was tricky. Whilst Monday to Friday had 249 returns, the weekend, Mon-Sat  (187) or Mon-Sun (194) had a total of 381 meaning that the majority of residents wanted at least some of the weekend included. Having considered this in conjunction with the need to protect residents closest to the shops on a Saturday, and bearing in mind that there was also significant support for the shorter days it was recommended that the most suitable time would be Mon-Sat, taking into account the competing views and  the majority results. This will also protect the area from the controls in adjacent zones that also operate Mon-Sat and prevent the area becoming swamped at the weekend. The results and recommendations were discussed with Rachel and agreed before being formally agreed with Cllr Ken Clark (who’s the Cabinet portfolio holder).

Of those of the residents who were against the design 21% were against the zone but also asked for more parking spaces and some extra  double yellow lines (especially along the north of Capel Road). Based on these comments we revised the design drawing and recommended that the scheme, be implemented. The final map design can be found here, here and here.




Forest Gate North Stage 2 Returns-  -Full table*

screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-16-46-27 screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-16-46-53

*(I’m afraid we aren’t able to this any bigger) Alternatively you can view it on scribd which is a bit fiddly.

One final note: earlier this week there has been some comments about the physical work to create the restrictions: the poles and signs etc. Obviously restricting parking does create more of what is called ‘street furniture’ and to a certain extent we all have to live with it. Seyi relayed our concerns about the new poles in the ward for the RPZ to the Head of Highways in Newham Council. Seyi received this feedback:

The posts would normally be put to the front of footway, but due to statutory undertaker apparatus [this basically means something under the pavement] in the footway this has not been possible and the posts have been installed further back.

2. Our contractor RMS, were instructed yesterday to install the posts to the back of footway where there isn’t a statutory undertaker problem.

3. Those posts that have already been installed in FGN will be reviewed and relocated accordingly.

Seyi also noted a similar problem on Shrewsbury raised by a local resident and asked that we prevent that happening on Capel Rd and elsewhere. The Head of Highways is willing to take a look at Shewsbury Rd too (today contractors say there should be alterations made and they will update us).

But if you are concerned that a pole or a sign has been put in incorrectly, or is blocking the pavement, or if you have other worries could you please email us, ideally with a picture and with the exact address of the place that you’re concerned about? We can then pass this on to officers and make sure it’s been done as it should be.




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5 Responses to Forest Gate North Resident Parking Zone Consultation Results

  1. Vicky Clark says:

    Hi Seyi and Rachel, thanks for all the information, helpful as always. We don’t have a car at the moment so I’m quite excited by the car club bays. Do you know if a deal has been signed with a car club and if so which one? Also, if there’s lots of demand would there be room to expand the scheme? We live on Sidney where there are no houses on some stretches of the road – the perfect place for another car club bay without inconveniencing residents with cars!

  2. Frances Cornford says:

    Dear Rachel
    Thanks for this explanation and also looking at relocating the poles but is it necessary to have poles at all when there are lots of trees and lampposts already? It makes for ugly and cluttered pavements. I understand there might be issues with people claiming they hadn’t seen the signs but surely there is going to have to be some kind of publicity campaign anyway.

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  5. Richard Larkins says:

    Dear Seyi & Rachel
    First day of the FGN RPZ and our street (Ridley Road) is already a different place. At last I do not feel as though I am living in a car park for commuters etc. It is not just that I do not have to spend time looking for space to park my car because someone who lives in Epping and works in the city is parked outside my house. It is that there are places for cars to pass each other without confrontations. It is that there is a clear reduction in the amount of traffic now that cars are not cruising around looking for free parking. It is that we have already stopped seeing damaged cars blighting the neighbourhood for weeks while local garages & insurance companies get around to working on them etc.
    Sure there are still some teething problems but I for one am very grateful for the work that both of you and Council officers have put into achieving this result.
    Looks like Centre Road may now need double yellows but I believe that is not a problem Newham can resolve. However the number of cars suddenly parked on Centre Road today does show how many commuters where using our streets previously.
    Also congratulations to the parking enforcement officers who where very evident today ensuring that the RPZ is enforced.

    Many Thanks
    Richard Larkins
    Chair Forest Gate Ward Safer Neighbourhoods Committee

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