Have your say in the Detailed Sites and Policies (DPP) Consultation

Seyi writes…

If you’re interested in engaging with the plan-making side of strategic regeneration planning (I mean who isn’t) then you may want to add your comments to the Details Sites and Policies document .

As part of the consultation on this plan, the Council have previously carried out two stages of consultation (on an Issues and Options and a Pre-publication version of the document). During these stages there is more scope to influence what goes into the document. Once we reach Proposed Submission stage as we now are, the views we are seeking are in regards to the ‘soundness’ of the plan, which relates to four tests set out by the National Planning Policy Framework to determine if there is a firm (legal) basis for the policies produced.

As soon as this plan is adopted by the Council (following submission to the Secretary of State and Examination Hearings) the Strategic regeneration team will be undertaking a full review of the Local Plan. This will look at both this DPD and the adopted Core Strategy, which sets out the Borough’s strategic priorities. At this stage officers will be carrying out consultation again, undoubtedly seeking groups to work with on engagement exercises and providing platforms for the community to tell us what they think. Officers can also use any commentary provided now as part of that process, so feedback is welcomed! A group of residents in Maryland came together to put forward their proposals, if you are a part of a local group that would like to get involved in this please do get in touch with us and we’d be happy to support you.

In relation to Maryland this DPD:

-> Sets boundaries for the newly designated Maryland Local Centre, this has policy implications in terms of the sorts of uses that can be located inside / outside the Local Centre (designed to help Newham’s centres function as successfully as possible).

-> Sets out new spatial designations near Maryland for LMUAs (Local Mixed Use Areas), MBOAs (Micro Business Opportunity Areas) and CFOAs (Community Facility Opportunity Areas). These first two designations identify places where business uses (that conform to certain criteria) can be located – it seeks to ensure commercial uses and residential uses co-exist peacefully without either stifling space for new businesses or having adverse effects on residential amenity. The CFOAs identify suitable locations for community facility uses, this addresses problems we have had in the Borough with community uses springing up in unsuitable or inaccessible locations and relaxes the existing position that such uses can only be in town centres. There are also a couple of new housing sites identified nearby.

More generally, the DPD also sets out policy to:

(1) address the proliferation of problem uses (betting shops / takeaways)

(2) locate specialist housing (student, hostel, older people) in suitable and accessible places and ensure minimum quality standards

(3) improve the sustainability of new development in regards flooding and biodiversity

(4) ensure that a range of issues aren’t made worse by establishing ‘cumulative impact’ zones.

The deadline is midnight on Friday so you have a bit of time if you would like to add your thoughts here.

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