Collective Action!

Sunday Mirror Photo

Sunday Mirror Photo

Seyi writes…

As a local Councillor for ‪#‎ForestGate‬ and ‪#‎Maryland‬ I deal with a significant number of fly-tipping/littering related casework. This issue really matters to my residents! Littering has nasty and horrible consequences and costs a lot of money. Like the petition mentions as a Council we have and are spending a significant amount of scarce resources- money, time into addressing the problem but the problem still exists and frankly it’s getting worse.

Like many other Councils we are facing disgusting local government budget cuts and are dealing with other pressing issues that matter to our residents and us as well, such as poverty, housing shortage and health inequalities. This is not a ward nor a single Council issue. No, it’s a UK issue which is counter culture and as a United Kingdom collectively this petition is saying NO MORE! No we won’t keep pandering to litter louts who have no respect for their community and neighbours. They are the problem, they need to change and if they don’t change they should be exposed and face a harsher punishment. I hope you will join me in signing this petition which is calling for a clearer, healthier environment and behaviour!

Newham Recorder Photo

Newham Recorder Photo




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