What we were up to on the hottest day of the year! – Crossrail

Seyi writes…


This afternoon on the hottest day of the year myself and Cllrs Dianne Walls, Rohima Rahman, Rachel Tripp and Ellie Robinson went on a walkabout around Forest Gate Station with Council officers working on the Crossrail developments. This was an opportunity to envisage and discuss the proposed changes to the public realm, roads, bus stops, pavements and the two phases. We’ll be going on a walkabout around Maryland before the end of the Summer. I was particularly concerned about Forest Lane, the footpath (or should I say lack of), the lack of safe crossing and the bus stop on the side of the Station and so we discussed possible solutions to address these issues. I’m so glad to share that the Crossrail regeneration will hopefully put an end to National Express and Terravision coaches coming through Forest Gate. They will be encouraged to use a route around the Olympic village. Despite dripping with sweat I was and am really excited not only about the positive regeneration that is coming to both Forest Gate and Maryland but also the opportunities for proper input from and consultation with residents to achieve a better Forest Gate Community Neighbourhood together. Dates for these meeting will be coming soon we’re told. My next task is to encourage officers to work with a group of local young people so ALL residents are included. If you know any keen young individuals or groups in Forest Gate and Maryland please let me know. P.S due to the hot weather I didn’t even attempt to take a selfie or pictures of us #NoOneWantsToSeeSweatyCouncillors

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