Another reason to party with your neighbours

Seyi writes…

On 9th February Cllr Rachel Tripp and I co-hosted the first Community Grant Info Drop-In Session in the west side of the ward. The aim of this was to inform residents eager to make a positive difference n their community of the various Newham community grants and encourage an increase in applications made by residents living in Maryland.

Residents looking to host an event to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday this year can get a helping hand to get their party started from Newham Council. Anyone looking to host a party bringing their local community together to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday can apply for a grant of up to £250 to stage their event.

The council’s Let’s Get The Party Started (LGTPS) grants programme has been running for four years and has helped residents celebrate a wide range of events including the 2012 Games, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Tour de France, Rugby World Cup 2015 and the 50th anniversary of Newham.

Celebrations will be held across the country to mark the Queen’s birthday with events centring around her actual birthday on Thursday 21 April and her official birthday of Saturday 11 June.

Funding from the council will be available to support events running from April and throughout the summer. To apply for a LGTPS grant residents must beaged 16 or over. The event must be held in the borough and be open to the whole community, to help bring people from different backgrounds together.

Residents are advised to apply for funding at least eight weeks ahead of their event, to ensure that their application can be processed. This is especially important if the event requires any road closures.

For further details on the LGTPS grants programme visit:

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