On your bike

On your bike
A drop-in evening to find out more about how you can get cycling

May the 26th, the Gate, 5.30 – 7.30pm

Do you have a bike you never use? Thinking of getting one? Keen to try cycling but don’t know where to start? Come to our drop-in event to find out more and to get you started.

At the Gate Library on Woodgrange Road we will have people to advise on cycle confidence training, cycle maintenance, some bicycle accessories for sale, the police who will security mark your bike if you bring it, information on local cycle routes and more.

Brought to you by Newham Cyclists and Newham Council


Rachel writes…

When I was a student, I cycled absolutely everywhere. This was through necessity rather than choice: there was no other way of getting around. But necessity is the mother of invention, or in this case the mother of cycling activity. It had to be done, so I did. If it rained I got wet, then arrived and dried off. If it was cold I wore gloves. If I set off a bit late for a lecture, I arrived a bit late and pink of face (or on time and red of face). If a junction looked too imposing I initially got off and pushed my bike around it until I was more confident.

I have been meaning to get cycling in Forest Gate for a while now. The second hand bike given to me for my birthday has been sitting around rather lonely and un-loved. Where would I cycle? I thought to myself. How do I work my D-lock? Where could I get some lights? Where can I lock my bike up? Is it even safe to cycle in London? I pondered.

So it was for not entirely altruistic reasons that we have partnered with the wonderful Newham Cyclists to hold an event at the Gate library, called ‘On your bike’, aimed at getting people cycling. After all, I thought, it couldn’t be just me who was feeling generally positive about the idea of cycling, but needed a little nudge to actually get out there and get going.

The benefits of cycling are manifold. It’s a cheap way of getting around. It causes no pollution and does not contribute to the congested traffic or the parking issues on our streets. It’s good for your health, both physical and mental.

In my role as lead councillor for Forest Gate, I am strongly supportive of doing more to promote cycling, and I also want to focus our regular ‘networking’ events and theme them around things we want to achieve for the area, and tie them more closely into our priorities and work. So linking up with friends in Newham Cyclists made sense in lots of ways.

If you are a potential cyclist, or are vaguely interested and want to find out more, then this is the event for you. We will have information on local cycle routes, advice on bike maintenance, some bicycle accessories for sale, and more. Pop along for a few minutes or for longer, bring your children if you like, bring your bike to get it marked by the police, pick up some leaflets, and get cycling.

See you there.


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