Kuhn Way proposed closure – an update

Just a quick update to report a little more on the issue of the proposed closure of Kuhn Way, which I talked about in more detail in this post here.

The papers for Strategic Development Committee have just been published. The meeting takes place next Tuesday the 17th July. At this meeting, two planning applications are being considered regarding Forest Gate Community School. The first proposes expanding the school and closing Kuhn Way, absorbing it into the school grounds. The second proposes expanding the school but without closing Kuhn Way.

When planning applications come to Strategic Development Committee, they are the subject of an often lengthy report, which looks at the relevant planning considerations. This is accompanied by an officer recommendation which essentially signals to the councillors who vote on the committee, whether in the officers’ considered opinion, when looking at the application and at the relevant planning policies, the application should be approved or refused.

Next week, the application that includes closing Kuhn Way is recommended for refusal, and the application that keeps Kuhn Way open is recommended for approval. You can read all the committee reports and papers online here.

This is tentatively extremely good news for those residents who want to keep the alley open. Nothing is confirmed, however, until the committee has met and made its decision. I will be at the committee anyway, since I’m a member, but won’t take part in the decision on either application, and have asked to speak against the closure of Kuhn Way. I know that other residents are planning to attend as well.

I’ll keep you all posted via twitter and this blog with any further information.

(Also please note that separately Forest Gate Community School is having some remedial building work done. This isn’t part of either planning application, but is needed regardless. So if you see building work starting, that doesn’t mean anyone is ignoring the planning process, just that this work is needed anyway.)

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