Café Tromso – support a local business

Some of you might know that Tromso has just opened up in one of the railway arches that runs between Chestnut Avenue and Cranmer Road, joining such Forest Gate favourites as the Space East, MBox and Tracks.

They are applying for a change of use, from a record shop to a bakery and café. They’ve put in an application for this change of use to the planning department at Newham, and this is a process that anyone can comment on. If you’d like to support a new local business, and would also like to comment to support them, please do so. The application reference number is 18/01905/FUL and the planning portal is here:

You can obviously write anything you’d like in support (I hear that cinnamon rolls are in and of themselves not material to planning, otherwise my entire comment in support would have been a paean to these small twists of deliciousness) but I have included my comment below, in case it’s useful or provides any ideas.


As one of the councillors for Forest Gate North ward, I am pleased to  support this application for change of use for Tromso.

This railway arch forms part of a row of arches that run between Cranmer Road and Chestnut Avenue. Until relatively recently they were something of an eyesore, either empty and hence littered and fly tipped, or occupied by businesses that clogged up the space with vehicles, and were sometimes noisy and caused disturbance.

Since these arches have begun to be occupied by small local businesses, using the small spaces imaginatively to test out business concepts, the look and feel of the arches has changed beyond recognition, and I am sure that Tromso will add to that. What was effectively a yard with an industrial feel is now a pleasant place to walk alongside businesses that include a boxing studio, a yoga studio, and now proposes to include a bakery and café.

They have already engaged positively with local people via social media, and have gained significant good feeling from local residents who are keen to see another high quality small local business. The owners have been in touch with me to emphasise their commitment to the local community, to local people, and to being good neighbours and good employers, and I am very happy to support this.

I am pleased to see good employment opportunities at London Living Wage exist so locally, particularly with the opportunity for employees to develop skills in breadmaking and baking, and feel sure that although small scale (as befits a small space) this will add to the area as well. I was also reassured to see the commitment in their application to responsible disposal of waste.

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