Begone, footbridge!

I just heard from Network Rail that the ‘temporary scaffolding bridge’ (note my heavy inverted commas here. Temporary in what sense, you might wonder, after around 2 years?) will finally be removed from our station.

This does mean some disruption, including some noise and some road closures, but I hope it will be worth it to take away something that has been such an eyesore, as well as such a pain to everyone using the station.

A letter has been distributed to local residents, and I’m posting a copy of it here in case anyone else would like to see it. This is Network Rail’s works, so if you have any questions about it, it’s probably best to ask them. Click the link below to see a pdf of the letter.

Big thanks to my colleagues Mas Patel and Lyn Brown who led the charge to grill Network Rail in very strong terms about the delays and disruption we have all suffered, especially those who are mobility impaired. The lifts are now working, and the main entrance is open too. So we are getting there….

Residents letter Forest Gate Temp Bridge Removal

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