20mph consultation on Capel Road

I write this post on December the 16th, which is obviously a pretty grim time, politically, for many of us. I’m not going to attempt to pontificate on national politics, but instead am going to focus on the local, not to say hyper-local, and specifically about a highways consultation that is currently taking place.

Our ward, Forest Gate North, extends to the east to around half way along Capel Road, where it borders Manor Park ward. For some time I have been contacted periodically by people asking why the speed limit isn’t consistently 20mph all the way along Capel Road, and I’ve always had to say that to be absolutely honest, I’m just not sure.

Well, now we are hoping to resolve this, and make that portion of Capel Road that is currently, and strangely, 30mph, into a 20mph area in common with the rest of the road. We’re also going to do the same on some of the surrounding roads.

There is a consultation area that extends into Forest Gate North, and if you live within it you should receive information through the post soon. But I’d urge anyone who is keen on safer, healthier streets to respond to this if you have a moment. This is just a small step, but a vital one in the long journey to make our borough a safer place to walk and cycle

This is the letter being sent to houses within the consultation zone:
Capel Road 20mph_GC_v2

This is the questionnaire that residents who wish to express their views can fill in:
Capel Road questionnaire_GC_V25503 LBN CapelRd20mphZoneExtension consultation sheet 191204b  

This document is a map showing the proposed location of signs, humps, and the new reduced speed limit zone:
5503 LBN CapelRd20mphZoneExtension consultation sheet 191204b

I am unlikely to blog again before Christmas, so would like to wish readers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Especially good wishes and comfort to those who, like me, are feeling beaten down by the election result. We can regroup and rebuild in the new year!


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3 Responses to 20mph consultation on Capel Road

  1. Fred says:

    If we did not receive the consultation letter but we use that stretch of road every day, can we still fill in the questionnaire and where do we send it since we don’t have the freepost envelope?


  2. wendyj59 says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Rachel. Have a good Christmas.

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