Have your say about Health and Wellbeing in Newham

This info is from our public health team, who are consulting about our strategy for health and wellbeing. I know many Forest Gaters are very knowledgeable and interested in health, and wanted to flag these events so that you can get involved if you want to. There are three different consultation days, with ‘drop in’s during the day, and a Q and A in the evening. If you want to attend the Q and A, please book! Details are all below:

50 Steps to a healthier borough – we want to hear your voice!
The Borough’s Public Health Team has been working with partners and residents to develop a Health and Wellbeing Strategy.
We want to call it 50 Steps to a Healthier Borough and we want it to be owned by everyone – residents, employers, health organisations and voluntary organisations etc.

There are 3 events available for residents to give us your views as we want to ensure the 50 Steps work well for everyone.
It’s definitely not too late for us to make changes and amendments.

Each event will last a day – starting at 11.00am with an exhibition board and staff on hand to talk informally with residents visiting the library throughout the day followed by a questions and answer session from 6.00pm to 7.45pm in the evening with key player’s including Jason Strelitz the Director of Public Health and a prominent local GP.

Monday 2 March  Beckton Library
Tuesday 3 March Manor Park Library
Wednesday 11 March  Plaistow Library

You can visit https://www.newham.gov.uk/libraryevents to book a place for the evening session of your choice.
Any queries – please contact Phil.veasey@newham.gov.uk

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