Support for small businesses

Locked down, socially-distanced greetings to all Forest Gaters, and other readers. I won’t attempt to give any thoughts on this strange, concerning, and unprecedented time, other than to hope that you are all keeping well, and safe, and the same for your family and loved ones.

I wanted to post to flag some work that we are doing at Newham to try to support our small businesses. You might remember that part of our election pledge was to work on Community Wealth Building, and you can read more about what that means online here:

The Council’s business support team are working to support Newham businesses as best they can, and have sent out a newsletter to all those businesses that they have the contact details of. We haven’t done much concerted work with businesses in the past, on a corporate level, so I’m blogging today specifically about this newsletter as I’m sure that there will be some businesses who haven’t received it.

If you are a small business in Forest Gate North (or indeed beyond) you can download the newsletter below, and please email to be added to the distribution list.

As residents there are other things we can do which can help our businesses too. Those businesses that remain open selling food and necessities need our support more than ever.

We can also help to support those who are closed. Tracks have set up a Patreon for customers who want to pledge to support them whilst they are closed, and Number 8 have similar  (full disclosure – I set up Number 8’s patreon for them, but did this in my personal capacity as enthusiastic customer and recent supplier to the shop. All proceeds go to Andie and Jeff, not to me.)

If you know of any other businesses that have facilities for us to support them, then please let me know and I’m very happy to help publicise them.

Obviously times are hard, many people have lost their jobs, lost incomes, or lost security about future income, and we’re all very aware that not everyone can pledge money right now. If you’re not able to help financially, you can help by sharing the links to local shops on social media, and by encouraging your friends and family to help too.

I am still doing my Council work remotely, but it may be slightly harder to get hold of me than usual, as I’m fitting in my work in between helping to ‘home educate’ three girls! If you need me, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I’m able.

Download the first businesses newsletter

Stay safe and keep well.


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