NHS Tracing app in Newham

Tomorrow, August the 21st, letters will arrive to Newham residents letting them know about the new NHS tracing app, which we are trialling here in East London. The letter will contain information about the app, how to download it, the code to authenticate yourself as a Newham resident, and more.

This (long awaited) app will we hope become a national, safe, quick way to help us all move around safely in what I hate calling ‘the new normal’, but still haven’t found an alternative term for. So, at risk of stating the obvious, we all still continue with hand washing, with masks wherever possible, with social distancing wherever we can. And then we can use the app to record where we are, and be alerted quickly if we’ve been in contact with someone who tests positive for Covid.

The ever-impressive public health team at Newham have produced a series of infographics about the app, and will continue to do so. This one is all about how to download the app:

How to install the NHS app

This next infographic is about how to use the app. From my experience of downloading it, I think if you’re reasonably familiar with apps, with registering with services, and with your smartphone, you should find using it very straightforward.

There is also a youtube video with information about the app, if that’s helpful:


I am by no means an expert on the app, far from it, but as part of the Health Champions network I do have access to people who know more than me. So if you have questions about using it, any concerns or ideas, then please do get in touch. Or you can become a Health Champion yourself, and get information directly and cut out the middle woman? We are all encouraged to use the app, and to feed back about anything unclear, or any concerns, as this is all part of the testing process to help the app work as well as it can.

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