Become a vaccine peer supporter

Yesterday I tweeted the welcome news that Covid infections in Newham, although still eye-wateringly high, are finally starting to come down. After a pretty tough few weeks of staying at home, it is so heartening to see that all the things residents are doing are starting to have an effect. (Though, of course, it’s still vital that we all carry on staying at home, not seeing people, so this trend can keep going).

Now that vaccines are being rolled out, the other important part of beating the virus will be ensuring that as many people as possible are vaccinated. If you’d like to help support getting good, reliable information out to your friends, colleagues and contacts, and to people in Newham, then please sign up to be a vaccine peer supporter.

There is no minimum time requirement, and you’ll get training and regular support. I am a Covid Health Champion, and have found the information supplied about the virus to be invaluable, both for me personally and my family but also for sharing. The Public Health team at Newham are particularly good at providing information in bite size pieces, conveyed on infographics that are clear and easy to understand, and super easy to share.

Here’s how it works:

  • Someone in the community asks to speak to a vaccine peer supporter
  • We connect you to that person – give you their phone number and email.
  • You contact them and have that discussion.
  • We ask that you use your own phone and we can reimburse you for minutes / data. You can hide your number of course.
  • Tricky questions you can refer back to public health
  • Whatsapp group with public health
  • Weekly drop in session with public health

There is much misinformation out there, and in the age of fake news it can feel hard to distinguish between information that is fact-checked and information that is needlessly scare-mongering. You can do your bit to help share robust, scientific information by signing up.

Training is by Zoom, but can be done by phone as well. And we are especially keen to hear from people who speak languages other than English, to help get the message out.

To sign up, email or call or message 07929 792873 or call 02033732777.

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