More low traffic neighbourhoods

A quick update from me on some non-Forest Gate North news: more low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) being introduced in Newham. I sent this update out to a list that I keep of people who are particularly interested in active travel and healthy streets. If you’d like to be included in this list and get occasional updates from me, please do drop me a line on If you can include the road you live on, and anything you’re particularly interested in (eg: disabled people and accessibility, walking to school, cleaner air, greening, etc.) then so much the better, but that’s not essential.

New LTNs
Newham has begun consulting on three new areas of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods. These are:

  • Area 3: Manbey
  • Area 4: Atherton and
  • Area 7: Stratford Park

The image below shows the existing and the new areas, and how they fit together. Taken together, these adjoining LTNs have the potential to make a really enormous and hugely beneficial effect on the whole of the north of the borough. Although my role is obviously a Forest Gate one, it’s my sincere hope that by demonstrating the impact of active travel and healthy streets here, we will be able to get the impetus to do some more ambitious schemes elsewhere in the borough too.

Map showing LTNs, existing and proposed, across Newham

More information
You can see the online consultation here:

And there is a press release from Newham which gives an overview here:

Although all of these are outside my ward of Forest Gate North, I know that ward residents will use those areas, and I wanted to encourage you to go online and record any thoughts that you have, both before and after installation.

I am not certain of when the filters will go into these new locations but I’ll share information as and when I have it. As before, I suspect that there will be a period of some concern and questions around installation, and then as we’ve seen with other LTNs both inside and outside Newham, the initial worries subside somewhat, and we can then start seeing what the impact is. As with our first LTNs, I expect that changes will be made as comments are made, and the design may well be improved.

Like I say, I don’t have a formal role with these areas but as a kind of self-appointed active travel champion I’ll be doing my best to keep abreast of what’s happening, and will in turn keep you informed.

What about areas 5 & 6?
I am eagerly awaiting information on areas 5 and 6, and will share that as soon as I have it.

And finally
A quick note of apology also to anyone who is waiting for an email reply from me – I am finding time to work is a nightmare (as it is for many of us!) whilst the schools are closed. I’m doing my best, and am so sorry for any delays. Big thanks to all those in the Council who are working so hard to make our streets quieter, cleaner, and safer, including James Asser and Nilufa Jahan, and of course  the officers too.

Take care and stay well.

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