Forest Gate Crossrail Scheme update

Seyi writes…

You may recall that we consulted with residents and businesses in the area on the Forest Gate Crossrail scheme towards the end of last year. Since that time, the scheme has now gone through various stages of design and a number of approval processes.

We are fast approaching the implementation of the scheme (during the early part of next year). As an update for local stakeholders, officers have drafted a letter and prepared a plan for distribution to local residents and businesses. Please note this letter will be distributed to the frontages at Woodgrange Road only from tomorrow, considering the original distribution was around a vast area and this is not practical at this time. So this letter and the plan will available on Newham’s Crossrail web site and we’ve shared this on our blog page.



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1 Response to Forest Gate Crossrail Scheme update

  1. Kapila says:

    Why is there now two lanes on forest lane going eastwards? That’s only going to make the area more dominated by cars and more polluted. Plus it takes space away from the much-needed pedestrians space. The provisional idea of a single main each way made better sense

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