A Christmas Gift for Dames Road Residents

Seyi writes…

It’s the little things that make a difference… literally! We had a few Cann Hall ward residents living on a part of Dames Road that is actually in Forest Gate North ward so a road belonging to Newham Council. I had an elderly lady come to my surgery last month who was worried her visitors for Christmas wouldn’t be able to park and stay with her. Weeks went by and we were still stuck on this issue and this lovely elderly lady was now face with spending Christmas alone. We finally were able to get around the technical challenge and give those Cann Hall residents on Dames Road a permit. I was so so pleased to tell her and her neighbours the good news!

Parking is not an easy issue, it is very emotive and also very strict and bureaucratic however….there are times when it has to be about applying common sense to do the right thing and this was definitely one of those time.



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