Support the Forest Gate Festival

Rachel writes…

Every year, Osborne Road in Forest is given over for one Saturday in June to a day of festivities. There is food, drink, entertainment, dancing, singing, items for sale, and a general atmosphere of celebration and love for the area and community during our Forest Gate Festival. Last year you might remember that this great event was funded by local people to make it happen, and this year the festival organisers are asking that we do the same.

You can donate to the Forest Gate Festival online here

The Festival is organised and run by a team of volunteers, so every penny you give will go into making the festival as big a success as ever. There are even some rewards you can claim if you give a certain amount of support, from having your name on the ‘heroes wall’, free cake, to having a banner on the stage.

Every penny counts. Please support the Festival, and ask your friends and family to do the same.


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