Quick updates shared on Twitter today

Seyi writes…

Quick live update from our second West Quadrant Community Neighbourhood meeting: Keep Newham London Moving programme has started & these are the roads & lamp posts to be done next.





It’s also been confirmed that all new lamp posts will have non-sticky paint so no more annoying massage stickers!

Also the #ForestGate North RPZ will be reviewed later this year to look into concerns raised to @rectripp & I around visitor permits, timing, needs of businesses, carers, vulnerable and elderly residents and those without a phone to pay for a parking ticket. When we get a confirmed date for this review we will let you know.

I also (selfishly) raised the yellow box junction issue on Romford Road/Vicarage Lane, before an enforcement camera is in place we need to think about those wanting to turn right toward Atherton and the flow of traffic.


On 27th @NewhamLondon took someone who fly-tipped on Maryland Sq to court & he was fined a total of £8,841 to pay in full within 6months!


Also, are you interested in designing your ideal home in ? is holding a Co-living workshop on Wednesday 24th May.

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